Josef Kollmann jr. GmbH


Hauptstr. 20
D-54340 Detzem/Mosel

Tel.: +49 (0) 06507 - 3418
Fax. +49 (0) 06507 - 4308 

About Us

Josef Kollmann jr.Wine Brokers GmbH in Detzem, has developed into one of the largest wine brokers in the Mosel since its founding in 1977.

Josef Kollmann continues to this day to take a personal lead in the management of our wine brokerage business. Since 2010 he has been supported by his daughter Bianca, who wishes to carry on the tradition of the family business. She is also deeply committed to securing the future of the wine brokerage.

As Josef Kollmann jr. Wine Brokers, we see ourselves as a key intermediary between wine growers on the one side and wineries / sparking wineries on the other. This involves the handling and brokering of cask wines, bottled wines as well as wine grapes. With decades of experience we have been able to establish a broad knowledge of the market as well as building good relationships with regional wine growers and the trade throughout Germany. These factors are key to forming the basis of a successful business.

Since 2010, our Mosel brokerage is also certified to broker and ship organic wines. Organic wines are increasing in popularity. If you are looking for organic wines, speak to us! We will be happy to source the required wines and will offer support in processing the transaction.