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D-54340 Detzem/Mosel

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Josef Kollmann jr. Wine Brokers GmbH has a long tradition in the trading of bulk wines, wine grapes and bottled wines.

Through our many years of experience as brokers in the wine industry, we know exactly what the needs and requirements of our customers are and we know the wine market with all its twists and turns and market players.

Our success is based on fruitful business relationships with reputable wineries and sparkling wineries as well as with bigger wine estates in Germany. The main focus of our activities lies in the Mosel region. Today, several hundred Mosel wine growers belong to our established customer base.

Our wine agency is mainly involved in the buying and selling process of wine grapes, bulk wine and bottled wine. A consultancy service is also offered to complement these activities.
We set great store on individual consultation with wine growers and wineries. Alongside the appraisal of wine quality, we offer advice to wine producers on viticulture and vinification. This can raise the quality of wine to the benefit of both producers and buyers. As a result the Mosel wine producing region will also reap the rewards in the long-term.

An essential part of our work involves keeping up-to-date with the concerns and needs of our business partners. Thanks to our established contacts with purchase managers of wineries and the local Mosel wine growers, we carry up-to-date information on the current level of wine stocks in store, as well as on the wine quality in the wine growers‘ cellars.

Through our work as wine brokers we are also responsible for negotiating prices. In doing so, we always strive to reach a fair settlement in the interests of both buyers and sellers. We cannot of course influence the market price which is regulated by supply and demand. You can find further information on the market price here.

We are the ideal partner for finding specific wines on the market. Through our experience and know-how, we can offer our customers the wines, gape juice and wine grapes which they need to further their business.

As wine brokers, we not only broker wine lots between buyers and sellers, but we also oversee the actual transaction, thus we draft the necessary transaction papers and accompanying paperwork, oversee the shipping process and make sure that the goods are paid for within the agreed time.