Which advantages do we offer wine growers who sell their wine grapes to us?

  • Guaranteed buying quantities – also Prädikatsweine
  • Less work in Autumn for you as the wine grower
  • No investment in cellar technology
  • Quality pays for itself
  • Two payment models (payment of must price or vinification - you can determine the sale timing yourself)
  • No purchase of shares
  • No long-term commitment
  • Yearly option to terminate the contract


WSL GmbH vinify grape juices and make the wine ready for bottling – if you should decide later, as the wine grower to bottle the wine. We can also bottle wines for you on request – with your house label. You will then be supplied with the finished wine bottles.

Benefits for you as the winery:

Fresh must
You as the winery can easily vinify the must into wine yourself if this is what you would like to do.

Large quantities of grape juice are ready for loading immediately after the pressing process. There is only one loading point for the truck which saves an immense amount of time, especially in the autumn.

Selective harvest
The corresponding selections can be made on prior agreement e.g. grapes from specific areas, wine grapes of a specific quality, hand picked grapes, grapes from old vines etc.

On request we can vinify the must into wine for you. To do so, you can inform us in advance about the required vinification e.g. use of specific  yeast cultures, residual sugar content etc. The wines are made ready to bottle and the corresponding AP number is arranged by us.

Storage of wine
On request, we store wines and sweet reserve for our customers and check the goods. We have a number of tank rooms and cellars available. Having received your request and schedule, the wines are then loaded and delivered to your production plants.