Wine cellars

What begins in nature is completed in our wine cellar. The consistently high demands we place on our vineyards also apply to the vinification process. In our wine cellars we mainly use stainless steel tanks as well as barrique barrels for red wine vinification. Here, the harvest is carefully pressed and slowly fermented. Through our optimum temperature conditions and technical know-how, we can mature lively, fruity wines in our cellars.




For white wines it is important to ferment them slowly at low temperatures. In this way we are able to produce the fruity aromas typical to the wine.




Some of our red wines are stored and vinified in high quality barrique barrels. These special wood barrels give the wines their body, depth and elegance. When vinifying wines in the traditional oak barrels, the aroma of the wine is enriched by the elements typical to the wood, such as vanilla.