Vineyards & slopes

Our vineyards are located in various single vineyards within the large-scale vineyards of  Klüsserather St. Michael. All vineyards are consolidated and designed to keep pace with the latest industry standards. This enables us to make best possible use of the land. Our philosophy is to produce fresh varieties of wine.


Intact ecology and the unique terroir, two guarantees of an exceptional and original wine. We set quality benchmarks right from the pruning of the vines early in the year. Through subsequent reduction in vine pruning we create the foundation for the yield and quality of the wine which is later produced. We continue to use natural cover and sustainable soil management. We take extreme care in the vineyards to build a foundation for the wine that will be later produced. The mineral rich slate soil of the Mosel offers perfect conditions for the vines.  The slate, which both retains heat but also supplies the vine with water during dry periods forms the basis of outstanding quality.



Almost three quarters of our acreage is planted with the king of vines – the Riesling. These full-blooded, genial and easily palatable wines are loved and respected around the world.