An estate with tradition and a focus on the future


As a 3rd generation family business, we have close links to the past, yet look to the future, we have extensive experience and new inspiration.  For us, producing wine means creativity, stories to be told, ideas and dreams …

In 2008, Josef and Rita Kollmann looked proudly upon what they had built up and achieved and at the same time looked expectantly to the future. With each generation, the future begins anew and thus the estate was handed on to the next generation.  Today, the estate is managed by their daughter Bianca Kollmann and her partner Martin Becker and the estate will continue to grow and expand under their stewardship.


First class vineyards for first class wines

Our estate lies in Thörnich on the middle reaches of the Mosel, equidistant between the famous towns of Trier and Bernkastel-Kues. The majority of our wines ripen in the single vineyards of Detzemer Maximiner Klosterlay, Detzemer Würzgarten and Klüsserather Bruderschaft. At present we manage around 8 ha of vineyards which are located on flat plains as well as on steep slopes along the Mosel. Most of our acreage is planted with Riesling vines, which flourish particularly well on the mineral rich slate soils there.




A wide variety with personal notes

Our range extends from light, palatable quality wines through fruity, lively late harvests to slowly matured Ausleses. A wide variety of tastes and years are available.  Enjoy the boundless variety of Rieslings and find your own taste, we have something for everyone.
For some years now we have also vinified red and rosé wines. Our range is rounded off by a Dornfelder and Spätburgunder red wine as well as a Rosé. Each wine bears our personal signature.  Come and try them for yourself!