Vineyards & Winemaking

All vineyards for producing VINUM GERMANIA wines are situated close to our pressing station and the winery. Due to our proximity to the Mosel River the vineyards get a constant breeze from the river all year round; a very big advantage to prevent frosts during winter and to keep the vines cool in the summer. This facilitates a long ripening process and the development of flavors.

Our philosophy in wine production revolves around authenticity, creativity and purity. Our intention is to make fresh, pleasurable and well balanced wines that are favourable to drink and easy to understand. VINUM GERMANIA should be the first empty bottle on the table.

VINUM GERMANIA Riesling wines are fermented at low temperature in stainless steel tanks to preserve and enhance all the delicate aromas of the wine. When the optimum sugar and acid levels are reached, the fermentation is stopped to retain natural fruity sweetness. A good amount of carbon dioxide is left in the wine to create a light and lively feeling.

All VINUM GERMANIA wines are refreshing, well balanced wines with a low to a moderate alcohol level.