Spring Riesling

VINUM GERMANIA - Spring-Riesling
Spring Riesling

VINUM GERMANIA Spring Riesling 2012 - Drink me! I'm fresh! The magical period of awakening begins and suddenly nature shows its tremendous power

Long cold dark winter nights begin to fade. The sun rises earlier as it moves to its seasonal zenith. It brings warm bright and extended days filled with the gentle humming of the bees, and the excited chirping of myriads of birds as white fluffy clouds drift lazily in the cerulean sky.

This is the time to enjoy a lively and exciting Riesling. VINUM GERMANIA Spring Riesling 2012, while relaxing outside sharing long evenings with friends and great conversation.

A glass of chilled Riesling not only cools the body, refreshes the palate, it also stimulates the appetite. This lively wine with its fruity flavour enhances the atmosphere of any gathering.

Taste Profile and Pairings

The stylish Spring Riesling from Germany's Mosel region overflows with peach, pear, and citrus flavors. Its easy hint of sweetness on the palate is followed by a crisp, dry and long finish, which makes it the perfect partner for the first barbecues of the season.  It pairs admirably with Asian cuisine and classic salad dishes.

VINUM GERMANIA Spring Riesling is a fine wine that brings a hint of youth to the palate.

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