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Vinum Germania - Riesling QbA

Riesling QbA

Background and Profile

2010 Riesling QbA

The Riesling grapes for this QbA wine were picked during the middle of October 2010, at the optimum ripening level when grapes were golden yellow and healthy. All vineyards for VINUM GERMANIA Riesling QbA are planted in the Bereich Bernkastel district in the middle Mosel area. The south and southwest facing slopes of the Mosel river give increased exposure to the direct sunlight, as well as the reflected sun from the water. This helps to ripen the grapes and increases the sugars, despite the short growing season of the Northern hemisphere.

This wine was fermented slowly at a cool temperature to enhance the flavour of the wine.  Fermentation was arrested at a critical stage to fine aromas associated with this wine.

VINUM GERMANIA Riesling is a crisp, light, refreshing wine, which is low in alcohol. It has a gently and interesting "flowery" aroma, with flavours of pear, apple, peach and apricot. This Riesling is enhanced by its fine acidity and a long finish.

Food Pairing

VINUM GERMANIA Riesling is the perfect accompaniment for today´s trend towards lighter foods.  It´s a perfect match for seafood, poultry, and veggies, but a stunning addition to grilled pork chops.  VINUM GERMANIA RIESLING - an amazing grape with endless possibilities.

Technical Spec