Red wine

Mash heater - cooler

The production of different varieties of red wine has increased steadily in the Mosel in recent years. For this reason, we decided some years ago to acquire a mash heater - cooler to meet the challenge of optimising red wine production.

Process on delivery of red wine grapes:

Step 1:

You harvest your red wine grapes in 550 Litre or 800 Litre vats which you can hire from us..

Step 2:

Your harvest is weighed at the grape receiving station of WSL GmbH. You will be given a delivery receipt.

Step 3:

You then take your weighed red wine grapes to the Rauen Family Estate which lies just 300 m from the WSL grape receiving station.

Step 4:

The red wine grapes are placed into a high-tech stemmer.

Step 5:

After stemming, your harvest is pumped into the mash heater-cooler. The wine grapes are heated to 83°C and then cooled again.

Step 6:

The mash must remain overnight in a mash tank before it is pressed the next day.

Step 7:

The cellarmaster tests, monitors and vinifies the must into red wine.

As the wine grower you have the option of:

  • - Selling the red wine grapes
  • - Selling the red wine grapes and later buying decanted red wine bottles from us
  • - Subcontracting the heating and pressing of grapes to us. You will then continue the process with the grape juice