Mosel Wine Production

Comments by Josef Kollmann:

Thanks to our wonderful politicians and our former „hard-working“ wine industry bureaucrats, the steep sloped vineyards of the Mosel – Saar - Ruwer largely lie fallow and with it a 2000 year old culture has been almost completely destroyed.

In future only two types of enterprise will remain in the wine production industry:

The direct marketer:

On the one hand we find the direct seller, focussed on the provision of services, but with relatively low production volumes. They sell their high quality products through gastronomic activities and numerous marketing drives directly to the end consumer. These are mainly family concerns who constitute and respresent the German wine industry in various wine producing areas. The managers of these concerns are „supermen“ who manage the production, cellars, marketing and sales. At the same time they keep the historical and regional specialities alive and thus distinguish themselves from the international mass market.

The grape producers:

On the other side of the coin are the grape producers who manage around 15 to 20 ha of vines on their estates. In regions where production conditions allow it, (these conditions being productivity and cost structure), large- scale viticulture is practised. The companies specialise solely in grape production. Their main focus is cost-effective production to the prescribed quality standards; no top quality wine is produced.

The aim of WSL is to take over the processing of the grapes from the producers.