About us

WSL-GmbH specialises in the buying of wine grapes as well as the subsequent processing of must and wine. Our grape receiving station for wine pressing was opened and began service in 2000. Recent years have shown that this has attracted increasing interest from wine growers, wineries and privately owned estates. Numerous wine growers and wineries have been using our services for years.

Through the use of cutting edge cellar machinery, we have been able to press grape juice of the highest quality, from which fruity, low acid wines have then been produced. A healthy harvest, modern technology and the corresponding know-how are the basic requirements for maintaining and improving on this high quality. Only by doing this can Mosel wine recapture the world wine market.


Opening Hours

Our pressing station is only open during the grape harvest in the autumn. The new vintage lies straight ahead of us and we have decided to open our pressing station for v2011 on Monday, 12 September 2011. From this day on the station is open 7 days a week until harvest is over.