In the autumn of 2010, we worked for the first time with grape containers which were transported by truck. Having discussed the results, we will be able to provide you with grape containers for large parcels of land which are harvested using harvesters. One advantage of this is that you will no longer have to organise several grape trailers, but will be able to load the complete harvest from a parcel of land into just one container. This means savings for you on time and labour. Another advantage is that the container can also be brought to our pressing station in Thörnich from outside the area by truck e.g to the Upper Mosel or the Lower Mosel. The location of your vineyard is no longer a factor.


In autumn 2009, we invested in a new grape press. Since then we have been able to offer a new 8.000 litre press, in addition to the existing presses. This avoids long waiting times in peak periods. Overall, this has massively increased our capacity.





Since autumn 2006, we have been able to offer a new unloading hopper. A deep hopper with a capacity of 8.000 Litres offers various benefits: Wine grapes can be unloaded in large double axle trailers or containers. Harvesters can immediately offload into the hopper without emptying first into another vessel (e.g. must tank, container, trailer). We can also receive white wine grapes as well as red wine grapes on the same day. We are able to offer two separate receiving and weighing stations.




In 2004, we have set up a new hall equipped with modern stainless steel cooling tanks! The tanks can hold between 5.000-25.000 litres.