Autumn Process

1 Step

The harvest is loaded from your mash tanks or vats into a calibrated weighing scale. Here, the exact weight of your wine grapes is determined in kilograms.

2. Step

After unloading, the must weight of the wine grapes is measured with a refractometer. You have to state the exact location and vine type.You will then receive a receipt for your delivery.

3. Step

If the formalities have been completed, you can return in the knowledge that your grapes are in safe hands. There will be no cellar work for you to do
The „Indian Summer“ gave us a number of sunny days and raised the Brix content in the grapes. Grape deliveries of over 100°Brix were not unusual this year.Due to significant yield losses caused by bad weather in 2010, the waiting time at our pressing station was inevitably shortened. We were also able to speed up the process following the purchase of a another new grape press two years ago.

4. Step

Rita Kollmann manages and oversees your deliveries in our office in Detzem. She calculates the quantity of grapes in kg which you are allowed to deliver without exceeding the statutory allocation (for those delivering their entire harvest). Before Christmas of the harvest year you will receive your grape account in a payment. We will also prepare a completed grape harvest report. This saves you time in dealing with the statutory authorities.